When buying or selling a house, you will encounter a stage where you need to hire a solicitor or a conveyancing agent who will then guide you through the legal aspects of the transaction. As most people are unaware, there’s quite a lot of legal work that needs to be carried out to secure a successful sale. Before it can be completed, the conveyancing process starts with instructing your conveyancer. Here’s what you need to know about the process of instructing your conveyancer:

Instructing Your Solicitor: For Buyers

For buyers, solicitors should be involved with the process right at the very beginning. Instructing your solicitor or conveyancer early on gives you more than enough time to prepare your offer to a seller. Your solicitor can also perform their money laundering checks at an earlier stage and verify your identity right from the start. This is part of their process to verify if you are who you say you are and to make sure they’re not helping out money launderers with their legal services. This alone can save you around a week or two of time and can get the ball rolling already. As you may know, conveyancing and the process of buying a property takes a few months to complete, so starting early would be extremely beneficial for a buyer like you.

Instructing Your Solicitor: For Sellers

For sellers, it would also work well if you instruct a solicitor early in the process, even right at the point that you place your property on the market. Basically, you should already be looking for a conveyancer online while looking for a property listing website. By doing this, the solicitor can also perform their money laundering checks and prepare the required documents even before a buyer steps in and makes an offer. 

Having done this, you will then be able to take your time to collate information about the property and fill in the forms that you will need to complete. Once you’ve accepted an offer, your solicitor can then issue a contract package easily to your buyer’s solicitors. Interestingly, your solicitor will also be able to find any potential problems in your property before you can even put it on the market. This can make sure that your transaction will go smoothly and slightly less stressful.

Understanding the Conveyancing Process

The conveyancing process is a crucial part of any property transaction. It’s also where a huge chunk of your time will be spent. So if you want everything to proceed in a timely manner, starting early and asking about the process in advance is advisable. Your solicitor can already begin processing some of the legal work involved in the transaction, which can help save you a lot of time as you move on to the later stages of it. Once the buyer and seller are already in the process of exchanging and reviewing contracts, everything will go smoothly as both sides have already prepared in advance.


Any property being bought or sold will have to undergo a thorough and lengthy conveyancing process. To save time, effort, and money, instructing your conveyancer as early as possible is ideal. It can help you identify any potential issues even before the transaction has officially begun.

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