The Conveyancing Process

Guide To The Conveyancing Process

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Conveyancing Store has a great deal of knowledge, experience and know-how that allows us to we understand that the process of buying or selling a property. Any legal matters can be rather daunting, especially for first-time buyers.

Buying a property can be simply explained in five stages. The first, pre-contract part of the process begins with you comparing and choosing a conveyancing solicitor to carry out all the work involved on your behalf.

The conveyancer will then carry out local authority searches, water authority searches and other essential matters to ensure a smooth and legally-binding process. When this work has been carried out on both sides, he will produce a draft contract. If this is agreed by you, there will then follow an exchange of contracts.

This means that both parties have entered into a binding contract, and can both breathe a sigh of relief that much of the work and moving house is only just over the horizon. It is at this stage that you, the buyer, will be required to pay a deposit.

After this, the deeds to the property are in effect frozen for 30 working days. This allows you to pay the remaining amount and apply to the Land Registry to transfer the deeds into your name. The penultimate stage is completion. This is when the seller’s solicitor confirms that all the money for the property has been paid, and the keys to the property are handed over. There are a few loose ends to tie up after this, but the property is now, in effect, yours at the end of the Conveyancing Process

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