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In a property sale, two parties (a buyer and a seller) agree to a transfer of ownership based on a specific amount and other conditions. This process entails several legal obligations on both sides, which are usually overseen by a conveyancer. For a fixed fee, he or she will supervise the transaction and make sure that each side fulfils the legal duties indicated in the contract.

Conveyancing Store offers a tool where property sellers can compare sale conveyancing quotes to find the best one for them. We have a network of licensed and regulated UK conveyancers and solicitors who are ready to help you fulfil your legal obligations as a seller and make a smart investment choice.

Our tool uses pertinent details, such as location and price to find conveyancing services providers that match your requirements. From our list, you can choose the ideal conveyancing services that fall within your budget.

How Do You Get Started?

Conveyancing Store’s tool is designed for a hassle-free experience for property sellers. All you need to do is provide the information below, and our sales conveyancing calculator takes it from there. It provides a list of competent solicitors and their conveyancing quotes within seconds. Best of all, our tool is free! You get an insight into various sale conveyancing services without having to spend a penny.

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Things to Consider

Buying property, whether for living in, letting or selling in the future, requires careful budgeting because transactions involve more than just the price of the property. As a savvy property seller, you should consider the fees of the solicitor, who will oversee the legal requirements of the purchase, handle the paperwork and manage the transaction until the transfer of ownership is complete. Conveyancing Store urges property sellers to enquire conveyancing quotes.

Let us help you compare sale conveyancing quotes today! Conveyancing Store offers a platform where users can compare sale conveyancing quotes for free. On top of that, users can take advantage of our tool without needing to commit to anything. They can tap into our database of licensed conveyancers who’ll walk them through the transactions in the UK property market.

Licensed and Regulated Solicitors

Conveyancing Store proudly offers an updated database of licensed and regulated solicitors who provide dependable conveyancing services. We’ll let you access this list along with fixed conveyancing rates, so you can search for the ideal professional based on your case and budget.

Competent Services

Our database features conveyancers and solicitors who have years of experience in the property market and give excellent services at competitive rates. They have handled several transactions in the past, property sales included; you can rest assured that your case will be managed well.

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Conveyancing Store remains true to its promise to help you sell your property — and we do it with our tool free of charge! You gain access to one of the largest databases of conveyancers and solicitors without leaving your home. Take advantage of this convenient and affordable way to start the selling process today.