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Conveyancing is the branch of law that deals with the required documentation to make the transfer of ownership of a property legitimate and legally binding. Both the buyer and the seller are involved in the conveyancing process. And knowing the conveyancing fee helps the buyer and the seller decide if they will go ahead with the transaction.

Conveyancing Store offers a one-stop tool that provides users with quick conveyancing quotes. We source our data from an extensive, curated and updated list of professionals. Within seconds, our unique tool provides a list of licensed conveyancers and solicitors and their respective fees so you can compare them and choose the professional who fits the bill.

Your conveyancer will guide you through the property market and the legalities thereof. He or she will make sure that the property market transaction goes smoothly.

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Start the buying, selling or remortgaging process by looking for a capable conveyancer near you. All you need to do is provide the tool with the required property details – no personal information needed – and our solicitor quotes calculator will handle everything from that point on.

The list we provide includes the conveyancers as well as their quotes so you can compare them easily – even from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, our tool is free and comes with no obligation. With Conveyancing Store, you get a glimpse of future expenses you need to prepare for.

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Things to Consider

There two things that you need to consider when looking for a conveyancer. First, provide all the pertinent information below so our tool can give a tailor-fit rundown of professionals and their fees. Don’t worry; our platform does not require your personal information.

Second, we urge you to include the solicitor fees in your budget, whether you’re buying, selling or remortgaging. This fee covers the legal services that the conveyancer provides.

Start using our solicitor quotes calculator today. Conveyancing Store grants you access to our network of conveyancers and solicitors who have years of experience in various property market transactions. Licensed and regulated, our professionals will make the entire buying, selling or remortgaging process a breeze.

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We keep a curated and updated database of UK conveyancers and solicitors who offer excellent services at competitive rates. They’ll go through the entire transaction and review the associated legalities for you. They’ll also make sure that you meet your legal obligations during the transfer of ownership and protect your rights. Additionally, they’ll help arrange the settlements and close the deal speedily.

A Resourceful Tool

Conveyance Store offers a one-of-a-kind tool for property market investors. It connects you with conveyancers and solicitors and shows you their fees, so you can choose the one that fits your budget. We also show you which among your options are the cheapest and the nearest.

Using our platform won’t cost you a penny — you obtain quotes for various conveyancing services for free. Moreover, the tool comes with no obligation. Start using our tool today.