The purpose of a conveyancer is to handle all legal aspects of purchasing or selling a property. It’s important to find a good conveyancer who will keep you regularly updated during what can be a stressful process, and knowing what to look for in a conveyancer will be beneficial in helping you find someone you can rely on to:

• Provide trustworthy advice
• Handle any contracts
• Undertake the required local council searches
• Work with the Land Registry
• Transfer the funds used to pay for your purchase

Finding a good conveyancer

Asking friends and family in your area is a good start – it should help you to come up with a shortlist of who to consider, and – perhaps crucially – who to avoid. Your financial adviser, mortgage broker or lender may also be able to offer advice, but it’s best to ensure that the advice you receive is impartial.

The way you pay for a conveyancer might also inform your decision – some operate on a fixed fee, whereas others charge an hourly rate. You may even pay them a percentage of the price of your property purchase/sale.

Online conveyancing

One legal industry which is witnessing exponential growth is online conveyancing. You might only deal with your conveyancer via phone or email, but it’s often a cheaper way of securing your property. The best way to find a good conveyancer online is to consult a comparison site. This way, you can gain an understanding of how much you will be expected to pay, and what services you will receive in return. For example, if you’re expecting your online conveyancer to deal with complex legal issues, you might be expected to fork out a little more – this is par for the course, as ultimately you get what you pay for.

That’s not to say you won’t be able to find a fantastic deal online, however. At Conveyancing Store, you can expect to find all manner of advice, with much of it, such as a stamp duty calculation tool, available to use for free. You can also get further help on what to look for in a conveyancer, as well as comparing the services of some the most popular firms in the UK.



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