One huge consideration when buying your first home is that of whether to use a conveyancer. The conveyancing process is fraught with legal difficulties and refers to the process of transferring the ownership of a home from a seller to the buyer. Many individuals choose to carry out their own conveyancing, but is this really a wise decision? Do you need a conveyancer to sell a house? Below we explore why it is always best to use a conveyancer, especially when buying your first home.

The role of the licensed conveyancer

Licensed conveyancers are specialist legal professionals who are regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). They specialise in legal property law, both in the commercial and residential sectors, and can assist in both the selling and buying process.

Why you really need to use a conveyancer

Many individuals are tempted to undertake their own conveyancing, and in most cases, this is to save money. But, if you don’t have a background in law and the house buying business, then this job is really best left to the professionals. There are many reasons why you really need to use a licensed conveyancer.

When the purchase of your new home requires a mortgage lender, then they will in all likelihood request that you use a licensed conveyancer. If you go against their wishes and undertake this work yourself and mistakes happen, then you could find yourself being sued. It’s just not worth the risk.

Why you should avoid DIY conveyancing

There are many instances when you can go ahead with your own conveyancing, but it is still highly advised that you use a professional conveyancer to avoid unnecessary risks and unwanted costs. Some reasons not to undertake DIY conveyancing include leasehold properties, a property that is not registered with the Land Registry and if the sellers are in the process of separating or divorcing.

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