Common Conveyancing Myths


The average time that UK homeowners spent living in one property in the 1980s was around ten years, but has now risen to an estimated 14 years. So whatever is involved in the house buying process will have been largely forgotten 14 years later by homeowners – but not by a recommended conveyancing company. When only dealing in property every 14 years, people will naturally be out of touch with conveyancing developments and may be influenced by common conveyancing myths.

The first is that it is difficult to get an appointment with a conveyancer. This may be true in some cases, but using an online conveyancer saves travelling and waiting time. What could be easier than being helped through the process with a conveyancer who is available any time of day? Our Conveyancing Calculator  is an invaluable tool for you to choose the conveyancer who is just right for your transaction, at the right price.

Talking of prices, it is also a myth that cheapest is best. While prospective buyers may find that they save money in the short-term, the attention to detail may be missing, the process may be unnecessarily rushed and conveyancers offering the cheapest service may not offer a fixed, up-front fee for everything until completion. This means that buyers using a seemingly bargain service may find themselves facing a large bill at the end of the process.

Now that everyone has access to the internet, it is no longer necessary to use a local conveyancer. While professionals in homebuying such as surveyors and valuers will benefit from local knowledge, conveyancing is a legal process that applies everywhere across the country. The law is the same in England and Wales, with slight differences in Northern Ireland, In Scotland, the law differs greatly, but our Conveyancing Calculator can help wherever you are looking to buy or sell a property.

Research is something that will cost you absolutely nothing. The estate agent you are dealing with may recommend a conveyancing package along with their own fees, but they are providing this on a commission basis, and their recommendation may not be the best service or the best value.

Most of us will have been close to tearing our hair out in frustration at how long the conveyancing process can take, but the internet has been a life saver in this respect. Conveyancing, like any other business, has been forced to move with the times. Everything is now fast and simpler online, so what was formerly a long, drawn-out process can be completed in a matter of a few weeks, rather than a few months or longer.

Searching for any product or service will return different prices for the same thing. However, there is more to a legal service such as conveyancing. Using our Conveyancing Calculator will help prospective homebuyers choose from reviewed, rated and recommended conveyancing solicitors, all of whom offer a complete, trusted service at competitive prices, with a fixed fee guarantee.

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