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Conveyancing is a part of law that is concerned with preparing the documentation required to make transfer of ownership of property legitimate and legally binding. Conveyancing concerns both (or in some cases more) parties involved in the transfer of ownership, the buyer and the seller. Knowing the cost of conveyancing can help a buyer or seller decide whether the go ahead with the transaction.

At Conveyancing Store, we provide a one-stop platform to our users allowing them to easily and quickly get and compare conveyancing quotes. Our platform is free to use and does not warrant any obligations on your behalf. This allows our users to easily compare solicitor quotes online and gain access to a large network of professional solicitors who can help them in completing the transfer of ownership of property legally and in good time.

How to Get Started?

Conveyancing Store lets you compare conveyancing quotes from the comfort of your home with absolutely no obligations or hassles. Getting started is easy, as all you have to do is provide us with the details required in the table below and our conveyancing quote calculator will handle everything from that point on. Our platform enables users to compare solicitor quotes online from the our professional network based on factors like location and price. Once you have entered all the details, you will get the quotes within a few seconds!

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Things to Consider

In order to effectively compare conveyancing quotes, we highly recommend our users to provide all many details as possible, without providing their personal information of course. When looking for such quotes, whether to buy or sell real estate, it is important that you include the solicitor fee within the budget, which is the fee of the legal and other services he or she provides. As the solicitor will handle all the conveyancing matters on your behalf, we highly recommend that you include a fixed fee for the solicitor service.

So what are you waiting for? Start today and compare solicitors quotes online for no charge! Conveyancing Store ensures that it connects you with the network of UK licensed, regulated, and experienced solicitors who can help you go through the buying or selling process with relative ease.

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Conveyancing Store has an expert panel of UK licensed conveyancers and regulated solicitors. Get access to the leading conveyancing service online at fixed rates that help make home buying, selling, and letting an easy, convenient, and hassle free process.

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Get free advice and consultation from our highly qualified and experienced solicitors with no obligations. Start with getting a quote and arrange a consultation session on the phone with our solicitors at a time that is convenient to you.

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Conveyancing Store will appoint a dedicated solicitor who will keep contact with you throughout the process from buying, selling, letting, and refinancing the property. Our conveyancing solicitor will ensure you have a clear picture of all the transactions