Let’s be honest – everyone loves a bargain these days, and if you’re about to buy a new home, every penny counts. You may be wondering where you can cut costs, and you might be surprised to hear that the conveyancing process is one where you don’t have to pay top dollar to get top service – and we don’t mean trying to DIY the whole process yourself. If you’re willing to try and haggle, or do a little work of your own, there may be some things you can offer which will help you get a discount on those fees.

1. Shop around

Just as you would if you were having building work done, the only way you know if you’re being told a reasonable price is to compare what’s out there. Go to several different conveyancers, and use the lowest rates to barter with. Do ask what’s included in the price each time, as this will vary from firm to firm.

2. Offer to help your conveyancer to keep your costs down

If they’ve got less work to do, the time they spend on your case will be reduced, resulting in a lower bill for you. Go back through your files and dig out as many documents as you can relating to the purchase of your home. Some of them might be re-usable, such as the Energy Performance Certificate, which is valid for ten years, and will save you paying out for another one.

3. Agree a fixed price for the conveyancing work

This is rapidly becoming a popular way of buying a home with a conveyancer. It helps you keep an eye on your budget, and stops you getting a nasty surprise at the end of the process. Again, remember to shop around and see what sort of prices are being offered, and remember that you don’t need to choose a local conveyancer to buy or sell a home – it’s the same service wherever you are in the country.

4. Go online and find an internet based conveyancer

There’s no physical office for you to visit, and all communication is done by phone, post, email or letter. Because of this, their overheads are lower than the high street solicitor, who will have the costs of running and maintaining an office to pass on to you. Do ensure that your online conveyancer is properly insured though. As with all services offered online, it’s very easy for someone without the proper credentials to set up, leaving you open to disaster if it goes wrong.

Just because you’re about to make the biggest purchase of your life doesn’t mean the conveyancer’s bill has to rival it. Be bold, and ask for that discount. If you don’t ask, you won’t get!


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