The Benefits of Online Conveyancing


It would seem that the internet has taken control of all our lives and become essential for both work and play. One area that has benefited everyone is the financial sector, with online banking, for example, now being the norm rather than a new gimmick. Similarly Online Conveyancing is also taking the hassle out of moving, to allow us more time to enjoy the rest of the time.

One of the greatest time-savers of the modern age is the growth of online conveyancing. A common way to use up large amounts of time used to be phoning (or even writing to!) a conveyancing solicitor to make an appointment, travelling to their office, parking, waiting because their previous client was overrunning … hours and hours wasted.

As online conveyancing has become more popular, so traditional conveyancing solicitors have been forced to move their businesses online as well. This is welcome news for many reasons, one of which is that an online quote is instant and easy to compare. Previously, a conveyancer’s bill would have been presented at the end of the process, and his client, the homebuyer, would not have had an accurate idea of how much he was going to have to pay. Also, the homebuyer was practically committed to the conveyancing solicitor without a firm quote.

It is now easy to compare conveyancers, both in the buyer’s area or with a company operating anywhere in the country. Here at we have researched and reviewed the best online conveyancing companies in the country to give homebuyers the choice to compare the top sites and decide which is right for their unique situation.

Comparing conveyancing online gives buyers the comfort of choosing a site from their own home, most importantly with no commitment that they may feel when they walk into a conveyancer’s office. Online conveyancing is, of course, subject to the same laws as traditional professional services, so buyers can feel secure in the knowledge that they will receive the service they expect.

Saving time and money are the main reasons for choosing to conduct conveyancing online, but homebuyers can also feel just as secure as they would by physically visiting a conveyancer’s office. Online, you have your own office in your pocket or on your desktop, and your chosen conveyancer’s office is just a few clicks away as well.

Searching and comparing conveyancers at gives you the opportunity to see the services offered by many conveyancers, with a no-obligation quotation. Added to that, there are no redemption fees or indemnity contributions to worry about. Homebuyers will have no additional mortgage fees when buying through a building society or bank. Progress can be tracked 24/7, and carrying out the process online means that fees are lower.

When buying a home, time becomes very precious, so being able to instruct a conveyancing solicitor from the comfort of your own sofa gives homebuyers more time to concentrate on the rest of the buying process. Take a detailed look at our recommended conveyancers – you are sure to find the best service for you.

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