Should you use estate agents conveyancing?

One huge question that you need to ask when starting your house buying journey, is that of, should you use your estate agent’s conveyancer? As a buyer you have the option of using the estate agent’s solicitor, or your own chosen conveyancer. So, what should you choose? Below we explore why estate agents prefer you to use their solicitor and the pros and cons of doing so.

Why estate agents like you to use their solicitors

The answer to this is that it’s all about who they know. They usually have a well established working relationship with a trusted company or solicitor, which usually comes with an arranged fee for giving them work. So it is usually in the estate agent’s best interest to use them. This can often mean that you also pay more for this type of service. But is it best for you? Our answer is that you need to shop around.

Pros and cons of using estate agent conveyancing

When using the services of an estate agent they will often offer you a full package, including conveyancing, and often at a reduced price. This can be very tempting. But this is only usually done when you use their chosen conveyancer. This may or may not be a good deal, and we strongly suggest that you ask for a break down of all costs before deciding to go with their chosen conveyancer. If the cost is reasonable, then it may be worth using their services.

Remember – don’t feel pressurised

If this is your first experience of buying property then you may feel somewhat pressurised to use the estate agent’s conveyancing service. You may feel that doing so will speed up the buying process and guarantee you the sale. However, this is not guaranteed. Don’t be pressurised into using the estate agent’s solicitor if it doesn’t feel right for you.

In conclusion

Your chosen conveyancer should be well experienced, trustworthy and competitively priced. Shop around to find a conveyancer who will help to save you money.

We offer an online legal comparison fees calculator that will allow you to search for the most affordable conveyancer for you and your needs.