Anyone with experience buying a home knows how long and complicated the process can be. While it is an outstanding achievement, it takes a while to get there. And more importantly, to make the process go as smoothly as possible, you need professional help from conveyancing solicitors. 

They are the ones that will handle most of the back and forth between you and the seller. One important thing you need to consider is insurance. There are many types of insurance, but one you must consider is indemnity insurance. In the previous article, we discussed essential things you need to know before getting insurance.

We will discuss what you need to know for this article once you’ve decided to purchase indemnity insurance. 

Here’s what you need to know:

How Much Does it Cost?

You need to know that you can’t compare various quotes for this insurance policy. Unlike with other factors and insurance policies, you have the opportunity to shop around and compare prices. For indemnity insurance, you cannot. The solicitor will be the one to sort this out and simply present you with a quote afterwards. 

The typical price of indemnity insurance costs anywhere between £20 to £300.  The value of your property and what the policy covers affect the overall price of the property. This is why, of course, the price will vary depending on the property and what your solicitor advises that you need.

Can an Existing Policy Be Passed on to a New Owner?

As mentioned, since the policy affects the home’s value, it is tied to the property. Although you may have been the one to purchase it, you won’t be able to “take it” with you if or when you decide to sell the property. You can simply pass it on to the new owner and add value to the overall price. 

Whether or not you stay in the home, as long as the policy is still active, the entire property will remain protected against defeat claims from third parties. Rest assured that transferring the policy to a new owner is free.

Will the Policy Be Worth it for a Long Time?

Now, of course, when you’re buying a house, every cost must be closely examined before going through with it. If your conveyancing solicitor has advised you to purchase indemnity insurance, it is essential to have a long and thorough conversation with them first. Aside from that, make sure to do your research well.

For the most part, if you find a reliable and reputable solicitor, you can fully trust their judgement and advice. If they say that you need the insurance, then maybe you do, and it will pay off positively in the future. 

Of course, if you’re working with someone new, it wouldn’t hurt to do your research and own inspecting. It’s always ideal for fixing or getting rid of any defects with the property beforehand. But as stated in part 1, if that is not a feasible option, this is the next best thing. 


Indemnity insurance is protection against the consequences or damages that any current defects might cause in the future. While this is not always a necessary purchase, it may save you a lot of trouble and hassle. Depending on your situation, Just make sure to discuss with an expert and trusted conveyancing solicitor and do your research.

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