There’s nothing more satisfying than finally buying your own house. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and achievements to own property that is under your name. Of course, it’s such a milestone because it’s not an easy road to get there in life. It takes a lot of time, money, and patience to find the right property and claim it for yourself.

In this article, we will be discussing one of the many factors involved in buying property—indemnity insurance.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Indemnity Insurance?

Buying a house or any property for that matter entails high costs. On top of that, there are also a lot of other necessary expenses to complete the purchase. Before you get indemnity insurance, it’s essential to understand what it is and determine if you need it. Once you’ve consulted with your conveyancing solicitor, it’s much safer to get one. 

Essentially, indemnity insurance protects you from future cost implications from a third party. To get more into it, it’s a protection policy to help you avoid costly fees and penalties because of prior defects claimed by a third party. When you purchase any property, it’s essential to have it thoroughly inspected before sealing the deal.

An example of when indemnity insurance can be helpful is the following. Imagine that you’ve already bought the property. But somewhere down the line, someone or an institution makes a claim that your property is not up to standard or the like. You could be held responsible and have to pay certain fees or penalties to get the situation sorted. 

Despite the fact that it’s the previous owner’s fault and responsibility, you will be the one to face the consequences. That’s why you should always have expert help when buying any property.

What Does it Cover?

Now that you understand what indemnity insurance is, it’s essential to know what it covers. For the most part, it covers most legal defects within a property that can’t be resolved or would take a substantial sum of money and a lot of time to fix. 

However, it only covers the expenses related to the fees or penalties of defect claims. It doesn’t include the cost of repair and replacement. The question of whether it’s better or easier to get indemnity insurance versus fixing the problem is on a case to case basis. So, make sure to have a reliable solicitor to advise you on the right moves to make.

Who Should I Approach about it?

As mentioned before, the best person to discuss this matter with is your conveyancing solicitor. More than just relaying to you the relevant information you need, they provide insight from past experiences. They can give the right advice on whether or not to proceed with a purchase or whatever else you need—indemnity insurance. 


There are plenty of benefits and reasons why you might need indemnity insurance. The important thing to understand, however, is that each property is unique. Whether this is your first or fifth purchase, make sure you get help and insight from a professional. Any defects—undisclosed or otherwise, can have a severe effect on your stay in the house. 

To avoid any problems, make sure the inspection and survey of the property are thorough. Don’t proceed with a purchase if you are advised against it, and so on. 

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