Buying a home is a major financial decision and can be daunting. You will need all the help you can get from people who can best manage the conveyancing transaction on your behalf and assist you through the legal process.

It can be tricky to choose conveyancing services with all the options available out there. Here are some tips to help you find the right conveyancing solicitor for you.

Shop around

Do your research for property specialists based on your current budget and desired location and compare their quotes like-for-like.

Reputable solicitors must establish transparency and clarity with you from the very beginning. Conveyancer quotes need to include a full breakdown of fees and disbursements. Aside from this, conveyancing solicitors typically charge fixed fees at the onset. If their fee seems particularly lower than usual, you may eventually be charged with hidden costs.

Disbursements are fees paid towards third parties that your conveyancing solicitor will pay on your behalf. Some disbursements need to be paid up front. Other disbursements will be shouldered by the solicitor and reimbursed when you settle your bill.

As you shop around for conveyancing solicitors, make sure to carefully review their quotes and read the fine print.

Look for recommendations

Your estate agent may suggest a local conveyancing solicitor, but it is likely they will do so to receive a commission for their service. This adds a hefty sum on your bill. Instead, ask friends and family for their input. Good customer experience merits being talked about, and the people you know will be more than happy to recommend a property specialist with whom they have previously worked.

Browse online reviews to gauge others’ experiences of the solicitor’s service. A study from Zendesk confirms that 88 per cent of prospective buyers are influenced by online customer service reviews. Properly assessing a conveyancing solicitor’s service helps you to know what to expect, and reviews and recommendations can help you make a decision.

Other factors to consider

  • Hiring a conveyancing solicitor from your immediate area will work to your advantage. They will have a keen awareness of local developments and news that could potentially make an impact on your property purchase.
  • Experienced solicitors are equipped to handle your conveyancing transaction compared to a practice handled by legal juniors. Don’t hesitate to ask your prospective solicitor about their credentials and qualifications.
  • Establish clear communication lines with your conveyancing solicitor. Know the best times and ways to contact them. Ask if they have a system you can access to track how the purchase is progressing, so you can keep abreast of updates.

Online conveyancing quotes

For help with collecting and comparing online conveyance quotes, you can visit Conveyancing Store. We have a free tool that lets you compare quotes in an instant. We also have an extensive database of dedicated conveyancing solicitors. We can help you find a highly trained professional who is perfect for your needs.

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