Buying a home can be stressful and time-consuming, as well as incredibly costly. When it comes to property conveyancing, the average wait is usually that of between six to eight weeks. But how long does conveyancing take for a cash buyer? The answer is not as straightforward as you think. Below we will explore this topic in more detail.

Let’s consider the usual process

When buying a home there are usually several components. They include the seller, buyer, conveyancing solicitor, estate agent, and mortgage lender. So, even if you take the mortgage lender out of the equation, you still have several steps to work through in order to buy your chosen property. Buying with cash does not always speed this process up.

How the conveyancing process changes with a cash buyer

The usual process, once a house offer is accepted, is that you will need to fill out several documents as required by your mortgage lender, for the buying process to begin. Obtaining your offer can be a lengthy process, as your lender will need to prove that you have sufficient funds available. However, with a cash buyer, this step is obviously not needed, as you do not need the services of a mortgage lender. Although the buying process may not necessarily be much quicker, it will hopefully avoid any delays.

Purchase only and no chain

This is the best possible scenario and one in which the purchase of your new home is made incredibly quick and straightforward. The process is even more straightforward and stress-free when buying a vacant property or new build.

Chain transactions

Problems can arise when you are part of a chain, and even when buying with cash. If the purchase of your chosen home is also dependent upon the sale of a property, then problems can arise if there are delays in the selling process. Problems can also arise if the seller chooses not to sell halfway through the buying process.

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