Conveyancing Solicitor

Can you put your trust in estate agent when they don’t give you Conveyancing choice? No, no you can’t.

Your Estate agents will always recommend that you use a certain solicitor or conveyancer. Are you right to trust the Estate Agent’s Conveyancing Solicitor?
Reports suggest that estate agents are consistently voted one of the least trustworthy professions . As with any industry that involves sales they only have one motive when talking to their clients. It’s all about the money. Nearly all Estate agents make money through other avenues that spin off from Buying and selling property, one on the main ones being conveyancer leads.

Estate agents gain commission from Conveyancing Leads they pass to their preferred Conveyancing Solicitors

Estate agents will recommend the conveyancing solicitor that pays the highest commission back to them rather than one that is the best choice for the client be that location or price. Remember then if your estate agent does recommend someone, be careful, they are probably not give you true choice or the best option. You will always be able to find cheaper conveyancing than the one they recommend to you. So how can you find a true Conveyancing cost and a trusted and reputable Conveyancer? Ask your friends and family search online?  The search is over use our true nationwide conveyancing quote engine.

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