One of the biggest steps that anyone can take in life is buying a new house. It’s a big deal and not just because you’re going to be the owner of a large pile of bricks that serve as an asset. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to move to a new area, want to expand your family or you’re buying your first home once you move out of your parent’s house, buying a house is still the same lengthy and complex process.

There are practicalities to think of when moving to a new property which include things like arranging removal vans and setting up new schools for the children. You also have to notify utility companies of the move ahead. You will also need to research solicitors for conveyancing, which is the process that takes care of the legal side of moving to a new property. Conveyancing solicitor quotes require research on your behalf, because you want to ensure that the ‘legal title’ of the new property passes from the seller to you, the buyer, with as little complication as possible. The thing is, problems can arise getting the right conveyancing solicitor quote, so the tips below can walk you through the process of getting the right conveyancing solicitor quote.

What type of service are you buying?

Not all conveyancing solicitor quotes are created equal. The way that we purchase legal services is changing, and while you can still walk into a solicitor’s office on the street, most legal businesses have moved online. Choose the method of service delivery that suits you and your situation.

Should I shop around?

Absolutely! Not every conveyancing solicitor is going to be good for you, so it pays to shop around for the right conveyancing solicitor quote that’s going to suit your budget and your needs. The quotes should be like for like if possible, and ensure that the quotes that you get include all the legal fees.

Would a cheap quote be good value?

It’s nice to get a cheap quote, but that doesn’t always equal great service. This is going to be the biggest financial commitment that you ever make, so you need to ensure that you get as many quotes as you can to compare them all. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean a good service; so budget appropriately.

Are there any hidden costs?

As with anything, this is going to be the case if you don’t look at the quote you’ve been given. Disbursements are sums that are paid by your solicitor for Land Registry and search fees, as well as stamp duty. When you get your conveyancing solicitor quote, check which disbursements apply to your transaction and query any that you don’t recognise.

Getting the right conveyancing solicitor quote is going to take some time, so just ensure that you do your research. Education is everything here!