Coronavirus, COVID-19, has created havoc across all aspects of business throughout the World and the property market has been no different.
If your plan to move has moved to after lockdown is lifted then there are still things you can do in preparation.

  • 1. Pack In Advance
    This has always been useful advice. Rushing around at the last minute is very stressful. You can start to pack some non-essential items well in advance. Everyone always underestimates how long it takes to pack up your belongings, you’ve inevitably accumulated more than you realise. The earlier you start to pack the less stressful it will be.
  • 2. Start With Spare Rooms
    Where to start?! It can be daunting to think about packing everything up and perhaps you wonder where to start. Do you have a spare room, loft, basement? Start by packing rooms that you use less often. The contents of these rooms will be used less often and you’re more likely not to need them in the short term. This also goes for seasonal items, make sure your Christmas and Halloween decorations are well packed.
  • 3. Get Rid
    You may realise how much clutter you’ve collected and often you will realise it’s not needed. If you can sell items on sites like eBay you can make some money. Alternatively box up items to donate to charity. Make sure you clearly label the boxes of items you are going to get rid of. Remember charities are closed now too and they will very much appreciate your donations once the shops reopen.
  • 4. Inventory
    Make a list of all the contents of the boxes you pack up. If you do need to find something you’ll be able to find it again much quicker. You can either label the contents on the boxes or number the boxes and create a spreadsheet of all the contents of that box.
  • 5. Storage
    If you are short on storage space once you begin packing you can look at storage units until you move home. Right now you need to be sure that any travel to and from storage facilities are essential journeys, ensuring you follow the government’s guidelines. Some storage companies offer limited contact storage space. Alternatively you can access storage once lockdown is lifted. This will be particularly beneficial in terms of decluttering your home ready to put it on the market.

You’re likely spending a lot of time in your own home right now and this perfect for forward preparations and keeping occupied during this time.

If you plan to buy/sell your home once lockdown is lifted we have a wealth of information on our website for you to research now.