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A property purchase is the act of buying a property from another person, entity, or in some cases, the government, after reaching an agreement on the sale price and associated conditions. Buying a property means the purchaser has to meet the legal requirements associated with the transfer of ownership. This is where Conveyancing Store helps home and property buyers make the right decision time and again.

Conveyancing Store brings an exclusive platform that enables users to instantly get purchase conveyancing quotes free of cost. We assist our users in determining and meeting the legal requirements of buying a property with the help of our dedicated team of conveyancers and solicitors. From the time the buying and selling parties create a sale agreement to the time seller completes the transfer of ownership, we offer hassle free assistance that makes the buying process convenient. Our online comparison tool can help the buyer understand the different costs associated with property purchase and how solicitors can help in making the transition from buyer to owner easier.

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Enter your property details and view quotes without providing your personal information leaving you free to look over the quotes with no obligation or annoying sales calls.

At Conveyancing Store, we pride ourselves in offering a convenient and trouble free experience to users who want to get purchase conveyancing quotes. Our easy to use platform helps you get free quotes from members in our network according to the location and price. Once all the details have been entered, your quotes will arrive within seconds!

Things to Consider

When buying a property, there are many things to consider when you prepare the budget. One of the major factors to include in the budget with house purchase conveyancing is the solicitor fee, inclusive of all the services he/she provides. The solicitor will be managing the legal obligations on your behalf from completing the transaction to transfer of ownership and, if applicable, reaching the tenancy agreement. Hence, we recommend our users to get fixed solicitor fee included to their purchase conveyancing quote.

Get started with comparing buying conveyancing quotes for free! Conveyancing Store and its professional network of UK regulated and licensed solicitors will ensure that you are able to make the right decision at the right time to buy a property that best fits your needs and circumstances.

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