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More Information on Colchester

The town of Colchester is one of the oldest towns that can be found in Britain. The town is situated 50 miles north east from the capital and it has direct connect to London via the A12 road. The Stansted Airport and is located 30 mile away from the town and the Harwich ferry port is closer, with a distance of 20 miles. The town has 2 railway stations that operated trains that serve on the Great Eastern Line and the Sunshine Coast Line.

The town of Colchester has a large population of 121,859 people. The town is home to several museums which all have different exhibitions, ranging from social history to natural history. The town contains an archaeological park that is located south west of the town. Contain in the park, there is a Roman Theater and Roman-British temple that are both being conserved. Other landmarks can be found in Colchester, from a ancient Roman wall to a jumbo water tower that stand 34 metres tall. Another famous aspect to Colchester is that it is famous for being the home of the famous British children rhymes “Old King Cole”,”Humpty Dumpty” and “Twinkle Twinkle little star, however such claims are disputed./

The town of Colchester is a town that is rich with history, that is shown though it’s landmarks. It has a superb travel connections, this means for those who cannot afford to live in London, however work in London could afford to live here.

A: While many conveyancing solicitors offer cheap deals to entice customers, there is no way that anyone can provide a full conveyancing service that some offer for as little as £199. Experts at Conveyancingsupermarket.comhave selected a panel of professional and experienced conveyancing solicitors that buyers can be assured will provide the highest possible service.

A: The Local Authority, in this case Colchester, holds information about properties under its jurisdiction, and a conveyancer will look at this information to assess any problems or changes that may occur regarding the property. These include the condition of roads and footpaths and whether any road schemes are planned, whether there is any evidence of land contamination, if the property is in a conservation area and whether there are breaches of planning regulations associated with the property.

A: Depending on the type and location of the property, a Local Authority search can be between £40 and £300. A water and drainage search will be roughly £45, an environmental search will be slightly less, while a chancel search to establish whether homeowners may be liable to pay for repairs to a local church is £17. Add to this other costs, such as the £220 Land Registration Fee of £220, and it is clear that the conveyancer has only charged between £350 to £500 for his expertise.

A: The time taken to buy a property depends on many factors, including the vendor’s conveyancers. If you are in a hurry, you can help by answering your solicitor’s questions fully and promptly. If everything moves smoothly, and you have done your homework, you should be in your new home around ten weeks after having an offer accepted.

A: The lowest band for Stamp Duty is up to £125,000 and is zero-rated. The next band is from £125,000 to £250,000 – this part of the overall price attracts a 2% rate; the next £675,000 (up to £925,000) is charged at 5%, with any value above this up to £1.5 million charged at 10%, while any portion above this is charged at 12%. Visit  for a simple way to calculate your Stamp Duty.