If you’re buying a property then you need to know exactly what the conveyancing searches entail. Conveyancing searches are an essential part of the legal procedure needing to take place. Property searches help your solicitor put together the pieces of the purchase by providing information about different elements.

The property vendors are not under any obligation to provide any details about the property you intend to purchase. Carrying out conveyancing searches helps ensure full details for the property and they provide security for the buyer. If you identify issues with the property you have bought after the purchase, unfortunately you have no right of redress against the vendor. The searches conducted by your solicitor are guaranteed as accurate by the official sources providing them.

So, what do conveyancing searches cover?

The property searches normally carried out by your solicitor include:

Local search – carried out to obtain information from your local council, like whether the property is likely to be affected by planned new roads or a planning notice

Environmental search – to find out whether the property is affected in any way by contamination that could be costly to remove

Drainage and water search – to ascertain that the property has mains water and drainage and to find out the position of the pipes

Planning search – to ensure that neighbours have planning permission for extensions or whether any plans have been submitted in the locality for substantial new developments, like a discount supermarket

Coal mining, brine pumping or other mining searches – to check whether the property could be affected by old mine workings or any plans for new mines nearby

Flood risk report – to ensure the property is not at risk of flooding

HS2 (High Speed Rail 2) – to find out whether the property will be affected by the route for this new railway

Chancel repair liability search – to verify that you won’t be liable for any repairs needed at your local church

Land registry pre-completion search – to verify that the vendor still owns the property on completion of the sale

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