There is no rule saying that you must use a local solicitor or conveyancer. In fact both local conveyancing and online conveyancing have their benefits – which is why we offer both. Conveyancing Expert take a look at the benefits of local and online conveyancing, why it matters, and whether it’s right for you.

Advantages of Online Conveyancing

Local conveyancers, as opposed to online conveyancers, use an office space or shop front, typically located on the high street. They host face-to-face meetings, and assign specific conveyancing professionals to work with buyers or sellers. Each client gets a personal point of contact with a qualified legal representative.

Buying and selling a house is a complex process, especially the property transfer part. It has gotten even more complicated due to the current pandemic restrictions. Thankfully, some conveyancing companies now offer their services online, which eliminates the need for face-to-face transactions and meetings. 

Most online conveyancers don’t have physical office locations. They also often operate at higher volume, so it’s unlikely that you would work with one specific conveyancer throughout the process. You’ll sometimes find that most of the work is actually done by assistants and paralegals – one of the reasons why online conveyancing is generally cheaper, when you don’t use an experienced team such as ourselves.

What Does a Conveyancer Do?

Before we delve into the advantages of hiring an online conveyancer, take a look at  what conveyancers do. Simply put, they are responsible for processing the transfer documents needed when you purchase or sell a new house. They are the people you go to if you want the selling or buying process to progress smoothly after an offer is made.

Here are the benefits of using online conveyancing: 

  • It Is More Convenient 

The conveyancing process involves the submission and verification of certain documents needed for the transfer. Additionally, conveyancing covers getting a home loan and filing for approval. With online conveyancing, you don’t have to deliver the necessary paperwork to the conveyancer’s office personally. Through the use of videoconferencing and other online systems, there’s no need for personal meetings. 

All discussions can now be done online. This is perfect for people who are too busy or are not yet comfortable going out of the house. 

  • It Is More Time-Saving 

Once a seller accepts your offer, your conveyancer can process the transfer right away. The verification and security checks can be done via a smartphone app and through biometric ID systems online. These help speed up any ID and signature confirmations needed that otherwise would take weeks.  

With some of the steps taken out from the usual process, the transaction can be completed more quickly and with less hassle. 

  • It Is Relatively Cheaper 

Most online conveyancing companies work with a fixed legal fee. They provide upfront quotations, which should already include all standard charges. This way, you won’t have to worry about hidden or additional charges. However, it is always best to read and understand your service provider’s terms and conditions to make sure you’re not missing anything. 

  • Customer Support

Many people worry about the possibility of encountering communication and accessibility issues when transacting online. But you don’t have to because that is not the case. To improve their customer service, online firms have designated customer support teams to handle your concerns while they focus on the legal work.  


Due to the global pandemic, many businesses in several industries have switched to providing their services conveniently online. Conveyancing firms are no exception. However, because conveyancing involves the handling of important documents and personal information, many people are hesitant to try. We hope that our guide has shed some light on the topic and help you make sound decisions. 

When you’re ready to hire a conveyancer online, visit our website. Conveyancing Store has a tool you can use to easily compare conveyance fees online. That way, you can find a solicitor or conveyancer that fits your needs and budget.